Stephen’s Place believes that men coming out of prison should have a safe, spiritual environment in order to address early recovery from substance abuse as well as develop personal life skills. Therefore, Stephen’s Place provides a Half-Way House to help these men transition back into the community as productive citizens


Stephen's Place Inc. evolved out of Sister Virginia Longcope's experience with a young man named Stephen. He was eligible for parole, but he could not be released from prison until he had a place to live. Sister Virginia knew of his predicament and offered to find him an apartment. At the age of 20, he began the task of transitioning back into society. Stephen had no family support, no furniture for his apartment, no transportation to and from work. He had a minimum wage job and a dream of someday becoming a pilot; however, that dream soon became clouded with feelings of hopelessness, depression and the inability to cope with the stressful situations and pressures of daily living. In the midst of this struggle, Stephen inspired and encouraged Sister Virginia to pursue the founding of a house for men coming out of prison who were in similar stressful lifestyle situations.

Sister Virginia chose to name this house Stephen's Place. St. Stephen was the first Christian in prison who was endowed with both courage and wisdom. Stephen’s Place offers an opportunity where these virtues could be lived freely and responsibly. It would be for all the "Stephens" who have dreams and a willingness to make them happen but lack the necessary resources to make them a reality.

In October of 1994, Stephen's Place officially opened its doors to provide residential supportive services to non-violent adult males coming out of prison with a history of substance abuse. The program helps these men succeed in their recovery and in their reintegration from prison back into society.